Don't create your website yourself.

We do it for you starting from $500 introductory price

And with sales tools.

Who are we?

A all-in-one website creation platform. We develop your website so you can manage it without the need for programmers. It's ready to start selling without having to hire additional services elsewhere.

We believe that...

Having a website is not enough; you need to have tools that enable you to sell without going through manual processes. That's why all our plans include tools that automate daily tasks.

Our purpose is...

To provide you, at a fair price, with all the tools you need to sell online, just like the big companies do.

With our plans, you can have your online store with the following benefits:

In all our plans, you get:

The domain will be the address of your business on the internet, such as, and hosting is like the house where you store the photos and texts of your website.

A template is a pre-designed webpage that can be customized with your own text, photos, colors, logo, and contact information.

A landing page is a webpage with a single objective: to capture data. The prospects who register on your page will be automatically connected to your CRM and email automation tool, enabling you to send them information about your products and services, and ultimately convert them into customers.

It is a program that allows you to send scheduled emails without having to do it manually.

WhatsApp is one of the main sales channels as it allows direct and real-time communication with your potential customers.

Personalized attention

We work towards your goals.

If your goal is to promote your business, showcase your work, open your store, or start a blog, at Alinna, we develop your website ready to achieve it, always accompanied by our advisors. Here, you don’t do the work alone.

The E-commerce growth in 2023.

¡Let’s do it together!

We are different

Because all our plans include:
Domain and

During your first year with Alinna Web, the hosting service and your domain are free, and depending on your plan, you will get higher capacity.

Landing Page

Build your database and then, through emails with information about your products or services, convert them into buyers.


Before and after purchasing, you will always have an advisor who will guide you throughout the process until your site is ready.

WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp is one of the main sales channels as it allows direct and real-time communication with your potential customers.

Email and

Personalized email account + effortless communication with automated messages.


We will redesign them with the colors, logo, and images of your brand to make it unique and add your personal touch.

Our plans

Choose the plan
that best suits your goals.

Prices with a 50% discount until:

Startup web

For consultative selling services or products.


One-time payment


  • 7 hours with an advisor.
  • CRM.
  • Marketing automation.
  • 2 Personalized E-mail.
  • Chatbot and Whatsapp.
  • Google Analytics.
To learn more

* In the following year, a monthly payment of $45.

Growth web

For selling products or services "E-commerce".


One-time payment


  • 20 hours of consulting.
  • Premium template.
  • Marketing automation.
  • 4 Personalized E-mail.
  • Chatbot
  • Google Analytics.
  • 2 Landing Pages.
  • Online Store.
  • Transactional E-mail.
  • Uploading of up to 30 products.
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* In the following year, a monthly payment of $65.

Start getting customers online
with Alinna.

We will give you a call to provide you with a free consultation regarding your idea or business.

Steps to have your website:

¿How does
Alinna work?

We create a simple, pleasant and self-managed experience, allowing you to choose your plan, choose your template, upload the texts and images in one place, always from the company of an advisor.

1. Have a meeting

So that we can contact you and help you select the Plan that best suits your goals.

2. Pay for your plan

With your advisor you can choose the template, after processing your payment, it will give you access to upload your files (logos, texts, images) and we will begin to create your website.

3. Starts to sell

After you deliver all your files, you can have your website with: Landing or registration form, email account, marketing automation, Chatbot and CRM.

Websites developed by Alinna

Recently out of the oven

We will develop your website in WordPress, so that it is easy to use and then you can manage it, there are thousands of easy apps to install so that as you grow you can go growing your website. Small and large Fortune 500 companies use WordPress.

¿Why so cheap?

Because all our processes are automated, we can focus on what really matters, creating your website at a fair price.

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Tatiana Caraballo
Posted by Tatiana Caraballo
marzo 19, 2021
Tatiana Caraballo
Posted by Tatiana Caraballo
marzo 19, 2021

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